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Since 2010, TdB production has also offered video production jobs. Our films were produced both in the Czech Republic, which is a hotbed for cheap casting, and in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Slovakia or Poland, for example. The studio has its own studio. He worpce closely with the Fam alumni. Our video clips have been broadcast on Oshko TV, MTV, VIVA, TIME, Afghan TV, and many other small Internet networpce.

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Video visualization is an integral part of your success. We will create a modern, distinctive image with you, whether in the form of a video, documentary, promo video or advertising. We produce music videos, advertising videos, corporate videos, documentaries. Of course there is a complete production of professional dubbing in most of the world's languages, as well as subtitling. We'll basically produce whatever audiovisual work you need to create.

We have all the modern technology to create a quality Full HD Video. Sliders, cranes, lights, special cameras up to 4K resolution, keying studio. We process films in our digital video editing room, where all tools are available to create editing, effects, filters. There's also the final colorization and total post-production of your film.

To shoot professional music videos and commercials, we have a professional film crew that does not include a director, screenwriter, cameraman, editor, lighting engineer, makeup artist, make-up artist, dubbers and other necessary people.

We're also able to create the much-loved "low-budget videos," videos that we make in as close a circle of people as possible, at very affordable prices and at the highest possible quality.

Prices for video services:


music videos: from 24 990,-czk

videodocuments: od 2000,-czk / 1minute

cameraman: 990,-czk / hod

travel costs: 6,-czk / km

Screenplays, castings, locations, visuals, lighting, directing, graphics, animators, productions and post-productions are rehearsed individually, according to scale and intensity.

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