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You're looking for an original beat and you don't want to settle for a low-end recording downloaded somewhere online? We offer complete multi-track production as commissioned. We work with performers from all over the world, we learn new things, we constantly follow the news on the scene and we supplement our gear in the recording studio accordingly.

You just have to have an idea of the style and also the desired BPM (speed) beat. With our producer, you'll specify your wishes in the studio. At this meeting, he'll show you all the possibilities that studio equipment offers.

Klienti nahrávacího studia  TdB Production 7 2019 06Klienti nahrávacího studia  TdB Production 7 2019 08Nahrávací studio TdB Production Praha - Klienti 084Nahrávací studio TdB Production Praha - Klienti 2018202Nahrávací studio TdB Production Praha - Klienti 2018201Nahrávací studio TdB Production Praha - Klienti 2018084Klienti nahrávacího studia  TdB Production 7 2019 16Nahrávací studio TdB Production Praha - Klienti 085

If you've already finished and recorded your lyrics on a foreign beat, the whole journey is even simpler, we just need a demo and we'll make sure to create the original background. If you don't have a demo to record, you can record it in our first session with our producer.

If you want to bring the song to life with a live instrument, no problem. We're able to provide guests for any instrument, or even pro singers and singers, who will load you up with a proper chorus that you can either make up or leave it all to our producer.

We don't make our beats out of samples, but we make them all by hand and because we're musicians, of course, in the notes. The final product is an absolute original, and you don't get "I've heard that beat before" awkwardness.

We'll take care of the essentials, you can only focus on lyricism and upbeat flow.


If you decide to mix your song in another studio, we'll export the beat by individual track in the requested format and include all the midi file for the possibility of absolute post-production.


 Beat production price list


Complete beat including recording lyrics, mix and mastering

9990,- czk


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